Brain Battle (HersenStrijd) is a Dutch fund established by the University of Maastricht in 2017. The main aim of our fund is to support innovative research to improve the outcome of patients with acute brain injury admitted on the critical care unit.

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“A generous donation helps us to improve the care of acute severe brain injury patients by
supporting research that tests new brain treatment opportunities ”.



What is the Critical Care Unit?

This is the department in the hospital were patients are admitted in the acute phase of their acute brain disease. Usually these patients are in a coma and breathing is overtaken by a machine (ventilator). It is in this department in particular that patients are monitored with a diversity of complex equipment to allow optimal conditions for brain cell recovery.    Show More Examples of the signals obtained during the monitoring are continuous blood pressure, oxygen concentration in the blood, and brain pressure measurements. All these signals give information about the state of the damaged brain. We understand more and more that we need to make more use of these signals. With recent technical developments it has become possible to improve the blood flow in the injured brain of individual patients. Continued research is needed to improve this technology and expand on its unique strategy, using the small window of opportunity to save the essential brain cells that determines a patients recovery.

Brain Diseases

Every day in our unit we fight for the lives of (young) patients that experience sudden heart attack, traumatic brain injury, severe bleedings and major strokes. As many patients die or survive with major handicaps we need to explore therapies that allow recovery of brain cells that are damaged, but still has a chance of recovery.


For more information about the project, opportunities for (crowd) funding or donations please contact dr. Marcel Aries at

Project Funding

With your generous donation we will finance a researcher that will lead an important European project in three critical care units to test our brain blood flow improvement method in patients with a severe traumatic brain injury. This project covers a period of 4 years at a cost of 250.000 euro.
Show More The aim of the study is to compare two treatments. The treatments are either standard care in which the brain pressure parameters are kept between fixed ranges, or a treatment that is specified for each patient. The goal it to determine each individual patient’s own brain pressure parameter that should be targeted for a good recovery. Prior to starting this study preparation work has been done regarding obtaining an ethics approval, the education of doctors and software development. During the study and afterwards researchers are needed to analyse the obtained data. Overall, this is a big investment and we are still searching for resources for our project. More information about the COGiTATE project, click here.

Please make your donations over here, or use the donate button*  on the Universiteitsfonds Limburg website: 

Universiteitsfonds Limburg
Attn: het Hersenstrijd fonds
IBAN: NL21 INGB 0653 6632 42

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 Fundraising events

Art Auction – Meerssen (Limburg, Netherlands)

Date: 25 may 2018
Time: available soon
Location: Meerssen, Limburg





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