ICP & Neuromonitoring Conference 2016

ICP & Neuromonitoring Conference 2016

The 16th ICP & Neuromonitoring conference took place from June 28 through July 2, 2016 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and took advantage of the rich and deep tradition of clinical medicine and medical research in the Boston (USA) area. The conference chair dr. Thomas Heldt invited us to organise a well attended (>150 attendants) satellite workshop on Optimal Cerebral Perfusion Pressure (CPPopt). Ten presentations were give by experts in the field, which you can find below. Future plans regarding the first prospective feasibility study in severe TBI patients were presented by dr. Ari Ercole and dr. Marcel Aries (COGITATE). An interactive discussion was led by professor Marek Czosnyka who invited all attendants for the second CPPopt meeting in Leuven in 2019.

Presentations,  Satellite Symposium CPPopt

CPPopt study in Traumatic Brain Injury
Prof. Luzius Steiner
University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
1. LS

Experimental proof of PRx/CPPopt concept
Prof. Ken Brady
Texas Children’s Hospital, USA
2. KB

Pediatric CPPopt?
Prof. Martin Schuhmann
University of Tübingen, Germany
3. MS

CPPopt: where are we in the literature?
Dr. Ed Needham
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK
4. EN

CPPopt calculation and presentation: current state
Dr. Peter Smielewski
University of Cambridge, UK
5. PS

CPPopt guided treatment in Moscow
Dr. Andrey Oshorov
Burdenko Hospital, Moscow, Russia
6. Moscow

CPPopt guided treatment in Porto
Dr. Celeste Dias
Hospital São Joao, Porto, Portugal
7. CS

Urgent CPPopt question that need to be solved
Prof. Bart Depreitere
University Hospital Leuven, Belgium
8. BD

Urgent CPPopt question that need to be solved
Prof. Geert Meyfroidt
University Hospital Leuven, Belgium
9. GM

Proposal for next CPPopt prospective study
Dr. Marcel Aries
Maastricht University Medical
Center,The Netherlands

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